What is an HTML site?

Static HTML sites load quickly because the content of the page remains constant no matter who views it. The source code is written in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), which pulls in the written text, images, hyper links, and most basic building blocks in which these elements are contained.

The visual appeal and basic functionality comes from the CSS (Cascading Styling Sheet). This is where the type of fonts, colors, hover effects, and all the aesthetic elements are coded. Two identical HTML pages can look drastically different by simply linking two different style sheets to the pages.

Style 1


Style 2


Are there draw backs to HTML sites

One of the major draw backs to this type of site is that for many small businesses they are completely dependent on a web developer to make even the simplest of changes (i.e. change of address or phone number) to the site. Also, in order to upload the new content and FTP connection is most common method. Finally, backing up the site requires downloading all the file structure of the site to a computer or external hard drive.