WordPress Expert in Carlsbad

WordPress has evolved beyond just being a platform for Bloggers. The Content Management System (CMS) that drives WordPress is designed so that individuals with basic computer skills can change/update/add content to their websites. (Often our clients still choose to have us update their content.) This makes WordPress the obvious website platform choice for small businesses and bloggers.

We build and maintain WordPress websites all day every day.

According to Web Technology Surveys, WordPress accounts for 60.3% of Content Management Systems in use as of this writing (March 2018). Joomla is second with 6.3%, and Drupal is third at 4.4%.

So why are so many businesses and individuals choosing WordPress?

WordPress is free, open source and has a large community.

Being free and open source means that it can installed and used an unlimited amount of times, though only once per website is usually more than enough. The open source also means that any update versions of WordPress can be downloaded and implemented through your dashboard.

A large community means there are many WordPress expert developers and active users in the world. With multiple people examining and utilizing this technology the support forum is well maintained and an invaluable resource for trouble shooting any problems.

WordPress is easy to customize.
There are more than 11,000 (both free and paid) themes available for WordPress. This versatility paired with the thousands of plugins (third-party applications) means that a WordPress expert can make your site can truly look and function precisely to fit your needs and desires.

Your WordPress site should be built in a child theme so that it can updated when new versions are released without loosing your styling and customization.

What are the drawbacks to WordPress?

To ensure the security of your site it should be maintained and updated regularly. It is best if this maintenance is done by a web developer who is also running backups of your site before all updates. Much like a car, if a website is not maintained it will breakdown.

As a content management system, WordPress is built on a database that lives in the cloud at your hosting company. The speed at which your users can access your database to view your site’s pages depends on the speed of your hosting service. Not all hosting services and companies are equal. For WordPress sites we highly recommend SiteGround. According to Theme Grill some of the other top providers are Inmotion Hosting, A2 Hosting, WP Engine, and DreamHost.

Finally, because WordPress is so widely used and relies on a database, its sites are prone to hacker attacks. There are plugins that help secure your site, and the developers at WordPress are constantly pursuing the best practices to your database secure. Again, having a your web developer run regular back ups and updates is the best defense against hackers.